Why Learning Skills?

Improve Marks at School

The majority of children use memorisation as a learning skill, which involves huge risks.  See e.g. the forgetting curve below:  Though scientists differ about the percentages, very little memorised content is remembered after 3 days, sometimes as little as 30%. 

It is terrible: Learn 100 facts today and remember only 30 on day 3.

Think for example of the alphabet as something that is memorised.  Because every letter is linked only to the next one to follow, the risk exists that if one letter is forgotten, everything else is also forgotten.  This is what happens with small children that are stressed when reciting a verse before an audience.  Typically they progress fluently to a point and then they get stuck.  If somebody, a teacher for instance, then comes to their rescue by helping them with the next word, they continue happily with the rest. Older children, when stressed because of the examination, typically say “my mind went blank”.  

“Mind going blank” =  disaster.
 “Learn to learn” early in life
and perform better at school.

Empower your Brain

A “practised brain is a prepared brain” and make no mistake, a practised brain is what will be needed in future.

The intellectual demands on our children increase progressively, and continue to do so when they leave school.  The employment landscape is being reshaped continually, driven largely by technology and globalisation.  For example:  The expectation is that 65% of the children now in Grade 4 will eventually be in jobs that does not exist today

Research has shown that a “practising brain never stops changing”.  When applying proper and challenging learning and thinking skills, the brain adapts to meet these challenges.   Plasticity is the capacity of the brain to change with learning. Develop therefore the inherent abilities of your child’s brain to learn new skills, build a better memory and quicken the speed of processing as early as possible.

Use it or lose it.
Learning skills build brain capacity
which improves learning skills.

An investment of R320 or R175 to enhance your child’s learning power
is the best investment you can make

Presently only in Afrikaans;  English soon