Exciting StudySmart Offering


Unique StudySmart Offering

Unique StudySmart Course Content and Presentation

The course material was developed by specialists with extensive clinical and research experience in study guidance.  It is presented by experienced and trained personnel in a non-challenging and non-threatening atmosphere, utilising every means possible to create an atmosphere of fun.

The course is offered in learner friendly Workbooks for Grades 4 to 7, and 8 to 10 with applicable examples from school textbooks.  Both of these courses are available in English or Afrikaans and is offered over a period of 6 hours spread over 3 weeks with a maximum of eight learners per group.  A standardised Reading Test is also included in the Course.

Content covered include inter alia the following:

  • Effective homework management – We teach learners how to organize information in a fun way.
  • Active listening – We share tips to get the most value of time spent in the classroom.
  • Sound reading skills – Learners practice various proven reading methods to increase their reading competence and
  • Understanding as learning skill – We teach various learning strategies to understand facts, and to transfer it into long-term memory.
  • Creative summaries – The skill of creating summaries that illustrates one’s understanding of the facts, and results in better retention when it is practiced and applied.
  • The art of writing exams – Tested and proven ways to demonstrate one’s knowledge in a stressful exam setting are shared.
  • Setting clear goals – Clarify learners’ aims in life and their means to fulfill it; imprint the realisation that they themselves dictate their own behaviour and that they should steer clear of negative self-talk.

Everybody enjoys getting something for free.  Though, in the strict sense of the word the learners attending the StudySmart Course do not receive it for free, they are issued with the following to create enthusiasm for the StudySmart Course they are about to do – Eg.  File; pencil; different colour dividers; five highlighters. 

Should you prefer the Face-to-Face format, please contact any of the Hub
Owners directly. For this offering, learners are provided with attractive
workbooks, a file, pencil, colour dividers and highlighters.