The StudySmart Credo

The StudySmart Credo

StudySmart aims to equip children with a positive learning attitude and proper learning skills and to assist them in making informed career choices. The 10 Study Habits of Successful Learners are offered in different formats to suit the unique needs of parents and children, and are the outcome of many hours of practical clinical experience and extensive research. The aim is to empower and encourage children to discover the magical powers of the brain and to experience the noble pleasure of knowledge and understanding.

StudySmart also offers the CareerCompass Questionnaire to assist learners in making sound career choices. Once completed, a list of jobs that will suit the user best is provided, with a link to one of the most comprehensive job libraries in the world providing detailed information about every job.

Though the immediate aim is to equip children to perform according to their intellectual potential, the main aim is to empower children by means of proper learning methods and an informed career choice to surf the tsunami of future challenges, making the most of new opportunities, and not be overwhelmed by it.

StudySmart furthermore acknowledges that family are the most important “training institute” in a child’s life.   Parents are informed on how to assist their children in fine-tuning their learning skills and embedding a deep-seated love for knowledge.  Parents are encouraged to be a travel companion and soul mate to their children and to experience the wonder and joy of their children discovering the powers of the mind.