10 Habits Study Course


 Course content: Available in English – Beskikbaar in Afrikaans

Booklets:  Attractive and user-friendly Workbooks for Grades 4 to 7 and 8 to 12 and a Manual for parents. 
(download as PDF-documents)

Videos:  Five videos of ten minutes each for each of Grades 4 to 7, Grades 8 to 12 and parents. 


You can work through the programme whichever way suits you best


Laai hier jou GRATIS Leerstylvraelys af


Learning Style Questionnaire

You can let your child in high school work through the Grade 8 to 12 programme on his/her own
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You can work through the programme with your child in primary school, which we strongly recommend.  You do the parental programme and your child the Grade 4 to 7 programme
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You can make use of the services of a professional person to guide your child through the programme
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Preferably do the programme as a family.   In a learning family, children learn from each other and from the examples of their parents.  

Preferably you must be involved as parent.  Who better and more important than you to assist your child to develop a positive attitude and a growth mindset?  It is so rewarding and exciting to experience their joy when they discover the powers of the mind.

 You have the time to watch one or two videos (12 minutes max) per week on your cell phone.  Do it when waiting for your children at school.



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Learning Style Questionnaire

If applied correctly:

  • Children:
    • Understand and remember better.
    • Take more responsibility for their schoolwork.
    • Perform better in their schoolwork.
  • Less strained relationships at home because of school work.
  • Facilitation of neural coding that enhances brain performance (Read paragraph alongside)
Cognitive neuroscience has evolved dramatically in the past two decades.  Latest research shows that the brain is an ever changing organ that within limits reorganises and adapts itself according to input received.

This is absolutely astonishing.  If the brain is constantly challenged to learn new things, it rewires itself. Learning therefore results in a rearrangement and development of new links between brain cells that improves brain capacity.

The best you can therefore do for your child is to focus on brain development, to live by the credo “wire to fire”,  as the opposite “use it or lose it” is too gruesome to contemplate.