What Makes StudySmart Different - Parental Support

Parental Support

Research clearly demonstrates that the absence of parental support is one of the major contributing factors to scholastic under performance.  In a session of one hour, the following are some of the topics covered:


  • What kind of role model are you? Younger children learn from the example set by their parents.  Demonstrating to their children that parents value education and knowledge, have inquisitive minds, that they enjoy learning new things, that they like to read and share information enthusiastically with others; provides their children with powerful models and contributes greatly to their success in school.
  • Proper Study Methods: Though children are taught and do exercises to master the necessary learning skills, it should be remembered that mastering study skills, like all other skills, require (a) time and (b) the support, encouragement and loving care of a “coach”.  Parents are therefore encouraged to be their childrens’ “study skills coach”.  To make it easier for parents, specific references are provided in the Workbooks children receive on where to obtain information for study skills in the book Study without Stress, of which parents receive a copy.
  • A positive study attitude: A positive learning attitude is of crucial importance to master proper study sklls.  Childrens’ attitudes are primarily molded at home from an early age and the sooner children can learn that “I will” is as important as “My IQ”, the better.   It is true that modern parents are very busy and have limited time.  For that reason, very practical guidelines are provided on what parents can do during the “rush-and-tumble” of everyday life to assist their children developing critical thinking skills and a positive attitude towards learning.