Online Support

Online Support: What is offered?

  1. Links to companies offering:
    • Tutors in your area.
    • Previous exam papers with memoranda
    • Dictionaries
    • Online maths courses
  2. Expert advice on issues raised by parents
  3. Links to Websites addressing typical learning problems
  4. Maths support (telephonically and online) weekdays at specific times
  5. Free and unlimited access to CareerCompass

Online Access:  Who?

Printed Format (the box with DVD’s, etc), the Electronic Online Format or whose child(ren) have enrolled for the Blended Offering or the Face-to-Face course, is entitled to Online Support.  Please contact us to obtain your access codes.

Online Access:  How? 

  • Click on the LOGIN button on your screen
  • Provide your access codes

Online Access:  Cost?

This learning resource is in its infancy stage and is therefore offered at this point in time at no cost.