Because of the highly visual and user friendly way in which the material is presented, the Course format can be adapted to suit the individual requirements of parents and children. The StudySmart Course is therefore offered in four different formats:

  • eSmart: Material is electronically downloaded to be viewed on smartphones or laptops. Parents and children do the course on their own.
  • GoSmart: Material (DVD’s, Workbooks, other printed material) is delivered  at your home in a box .  Parents and children do the Course on their own.
  • ActSmart: The course starts and after more-or-less 10 weeks ends with contact sessions between the Hub Owner and parents and children separately.  In between the first and last sessions the parents and children do the course as explained during the contact sessions.  The Hub Owner is for this period available to assist where necessary.
  • TopSmart:  Same as with ActSmart plus the following:  the Hub Owner meets weekly for one hour with the children in smaller groups to review the video’s, oversee the completion of the exercises and to demonstrate how to apply the study principles to classwork.

ActSmart is a combination of group contact sessions with either the eSmart or GoSmart offerings and consists of the following (Available in Afrikaans;  English soon):

  • Kick-off workshops of two and one hours each for respectively children and parents. The sessions have a workshop format, is offered by trained and experienced personnel and is offered to groups of parents at a time convenient to them. During the workshops an overview of the course material and procedure is presented, enabling both parents and children to gain maximum benefit from the course.
  • Parents and learners work through the material (eSmart or GoSmart) on their own.   Please see eSmart or GoSmart for details of the material provided.
  • Concluding workshops of two and one hour each for children and parents respectively.



How to order

Should you prefer ActSmart to be offered in a practical workshop format, please contact us.