Course Content


The aim of the 10 Study Habits Course is to equip children with a positive learning attitude and sound study skills. It is the outcome of many hours of practical clinical experience and extensive research.

The following 10 Study Habits of Successful Learners are covered in this Course:

1. Believe in themselves
2. Have a love for knowledge
3. Organise their workplace, material and time
4. Listen actively
5. Are good readers

6. Know which learning style suits them best
7. Understand what they learn
8. Make creative summaries
9. Know how to write exams

Content covered in the 10 Habits include inter alia the following

  • Effective homework management– We teach learners how to organize information in a fun way.
  • Active listening– We share tips to get the most value of time spent in the classroom.
  • Are good readers– Learners practice various proven reading methods to increase their reading competence and understanding.
  • Understand what they learn We teach various learning strategies to understand facts, and to transfer it into long-term memory.
  • Creative summaries– The skill of creating summaries that illustrates one’s understanding of the facts, and results in better retention when it is practiced and applied.
  • The art of writing exams Tested and proven ways to demonstrate one’s knowledge in a stressful exam setting are shared.
  • Know where they are goingClarify learner’s aims in life and their means to fulfil it; imprint the realisation that they themselves dictate their own behaviour and that they should steer clear of negative self-talk.

The 10 Study Habits Course is delivered in the following four formats