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CareerCompass is an online Career Questionnaire. Completing CareerCompass, which takes about 40 minutes, will help you choose a career that is in line with your abilities and interests.


The labour market is like a huge puzzle with each piece differing in form and colour. Each piece of this puzzle represents a different job requiring people with different interests, skill sets and abilities. The picture alongside explains this beautifully: the yellow fits into yellow, orange into orange, etc.

Your first challenge therefore, is to put yourself under the magnifying glass, to better understand your unique abilities, interests and preferences. Your second challenge is to explore the labour market to better understand job requirements and where you will fit in.


Six basic occupational characteristics can be distinguished. These are provided alongside with examples of career options.

Example: Completion of the Career Compass provides you with a career profile based on your dominant characteristics. Let us assume these to be the following: Investigative, Social and Enterprising. In other words, you have an ISE Profile.

Now you must judge whether this profile suits you.

  • Does it confirm the picture you have of yourself?
  • Does it provide information about yourself that you weren’t aware of?
  • Does the profile provided fit you as a perfectly fitted suit or dress would?
  • Do you feel comfortable in it?


Based on your personal, occupational profile, you will be provided with career options that will suit you best. A person with an ISE Profile will most probably find career satisfaction, and perform best in, for example, one of the following careers: Commercial Pilot, Forest and Conservation Technician, Agricultural Engineer; Fire-Prevention and Protection Engineer; Materials Engineer.

Now you need to research these career options to obtain the best possible fit between your ISE Profile and the requirements of a specific career. A click on any of the career options will provide full details on the skills required, tasks to be performed, training required, etc.

Think these requirements through. Clarify them in your mind. Discuss them with your friends and parents. Is this really what you would like to do every day? Once again, it is like a suit or a dress you need to try on. Does it fit you? Do you feel comfortable in it?

Do you follow the logic? First, discover more about yourself. Second, explore and investigate your possible career options. Third, decide which specific career would best suit you. Finally, to ensure that you choose the career best suited to you, it is recommended that this be done on an annual basis, starting in Grade 8.

The future belongs to those who prepare for it today. May you enjoy every step of your journey.